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Property Investor Reward Club

As individual property investors, we can waste large amounts of time and money duplicating sourcing and negotiating with suppliers, often with disappointing results.

Our mission is to do all the hard work for you and give you access to exceptional discounts that investors and developers working alone would never be able to achieve.

Membership of the Property Investor Rewards Club (PIRC) which, incredibly, is free to join, gives you immediate access to impressive discounts on products and services far superior to those available to the retail and trade markets.

How is this possible?

Suppliers recognise that property traders and investors control 19 per cent of the UK housing stock and they are keen to gain access to us as a group. They know that PIRC members are all genuine property professionals who are certain to need their products and services and, by offering exceptional discounts to us as a group, they make considerable savings on marketing costs. Therefore, the money they save they share with you. The better the offers, the more business our suppliers will do and the more the PIRC community will grow. As membership of PIRC continues to increase, more and more suppliers want to come on board. It is simply a win/win situation for everyone.

After much research, testing and negotiation, we offer our members the purchasing power across all areas of their property business from solicitors and mortgage brokers to builders’ merchants and suppliers of electrical equipment. Our supplier list is growing all the time, as is our membership.

As if this wasn’t enough, we have also gone one step further. In addition to the great deals available, every time you spend, you also earn cash back. The more you spend, the more cash back you earn.

Why join PIRC today?

It is free to join

You save money by gaining access to outstanding contract rates across a wide range of products and services

You save time as you no longer have to haggle over every deal and purchase

As well as the exceptional offers from our suppliers, you also get cash back on every purchase

PIRC is run by property professionals for property professionals, which means we understand your needs