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Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Having apprenticed in the building industry, growing up on sites from the age of 3, with his father, he was taught all the skills necessary to build and maintain properties. The final part of his fathers apprenticeship was to share with him the advice not to use his hands, but his head as he would have a longer career.

After qualifying as an accountant he joined a bank and was responsible to 4 divisional directors for Mortgages, Insurance, Arrears and Commercial Divisions. He was subsequently headhunted to a top 20 law firm to support their repossessions business. After his presentation to the board and perfect market timing he created the UK’s largest conveyancing operation in 1997 operating a 7 day a week service.

Andrew established a media company in 2000 and began property trading in 2005. He has a small portfolio of single, multi and commercial lets but still prefers property trading .

In 2015 having spoken to many Property Investors he realised that was an advantage to be gained by combining the purchasing power of individuals into a group and so Property Investor Reward Club was created. 

In addition to his Media Business and Property Investor Reward Club Andrew also runs one of the most successful independent property networking events in the UK, Great Property Meet Warwickshire. The meeting is held 3rd Monday of each month and Andrew will be there in person. For more information visit